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1979 – The IDA leased a site to Estes Homes to build a 24,000 sq. ft. industrial building in Crossroads Commerce Center.  The property was eventually acquired by Bella Vista Ranches.

1981 – The IDA issued Industrial Revenue Bonds for the construction of Inland Motors.

1983 – 1986 – Hosted trade delegations from France, Germany, Korea, Japan and Canada and courted industrial prospects from Germany, Japan and Canada

1983 – 1985 – Developed marketing material and ad campaigns that ran in state and national journals.


History and projects completed by the Industrial Development Authority.

1984 – Garden Plaza Apartments (152 units)

1985 – Falcon Court Apartments (112 units)

1986 – Garden Canyon (Now Sterling Point) (102 units)

1986 – Mountain Steppes Apartments (228 units)

1986 – Sierra Vista Life Care Facility on Wilcox

1996 – Sierra Vista Hospital Expansion ($10,415,000)

1985 – As a marketing strategy to develop national marketing exposure, secured land from the Cracciolo Family and created one of Arizona’s first Foreign Trade Zones.

1985 – Formed the Sierra Vista Economic Development Foundation and facilitated the board selection, incorporation, and established it’s first office.

1993 – 1998

Mortgage Revenue Bond Refundings

  • 1993 – Mountain View Apartments 

  • 1998 – Falcon Court Apartments

  • 1998 – Garden Plaza Apartments

  • 1998 – Garden Canyon Apartments

  • 1998 – Mountain Steppes Apartments

1995 – Acquired the Sierra Linda Apartments from the Resolution Trust Corporation Affordable Housing Program; the first privately subsidized housing program in Sierra Vista.

2002 – Acquired and renovated Marianne Apts for affordable housing with a grant from the Arizona Dept. of  Commerce; sold the Beauty Box portion and adjacent land to Calvary Church requiring the road development to Wilcox, now named Marianne Dr.

Worked with the SV EDF to locate Cristek and revitalize West End; lent funds to refurbish 55 S. Fifth St., now home to Lockheed and General Dynamics.

The IDA established Sierra Housing Resource Partner, Inc. (SHRP) – as a 501(c)3 for the purpose of  developing low income housing in the greater Sierra Vista area.  Today SHRP is under development of Crossing Point, an 80 unit single family subdivision for  first time home buyers.  Crossing Point is located on the old railroad right-of-way between 7th Street and Canyon Drive.

In 2005 the IDA began its partnership with Equity Housing Group and Catholic Community Services to construct Crystal Creek Townhomes.

Today, Crystal Creek is home to 89 low income families and a one year waiting list for new Residents.

Issued $5.5 Million in financing for SEABHS

In October of 2009, the IDA, in partnership with a local company, acquired 6049 S. Highway 92 for the purpose of locating KBS Electrical Distributors who supplies large electrical transmission equipment to SSVEC.

The building currently has 5,400 sq.ft. of quality office space available with an incentive rate which can help lure a new company to Sierra Vista or facilitate the  start up of a new business that will create new employment opportunities.

In 2010 SHRP received a grant from the Federal Home Loan Bank for $1,350,000 to complete the engineering and off site improvements for Crossing Point.  It also secured a bridge loan from the Rural Community Assistance Corporation to complete both the off sites and a construction line of credit to build the homes.





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