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Frank Morow  is a liscensed real estate broker specializing in commercial real estate services and investment management. He manages multiple locations in Southeastern Arizona including Sierra Vista and Douglas.  

Address : 1700 S. Highway 92, Ste. E 100 Sierra Vista, AZ. 85635


Toll Free: 800.320.2381
Office: 520.458.1666
Fax: 520.459.0718

Frank T. Morow


Legal Advisors: Slania Law, PLLC

Slania Law has invested over 35 years in the development of a broad spectrum of legal expertise, with concerted capabilities in the areas of municipality finance, bonds and taxation, and corporate law.

The firm has grown along with Tucson but has remained boutique to provide the personal service that the firm’s clients deserve. The firm’s philanthropic orientation reflects its strong interest in and connection to the well-being of the greater Pima County community. In furthering these ideals, the firm represents local non-profits in coalition to build a better Pima County.

The Firm has been involved in municipal finance in a variety of the bond, note and loan obligations, in various roles such as bond counsel, issuer counsel, disclosure counsel, trustee counsel, bank counsel and borrower counsel. These have encompassed many
different bond structures, including single family and multifamily revenue bonds, water revenue bonds, industrial development and manufacturing bonds, governmental bonds, municipal property corporation bonds, bonds for many nonprofits and charter school
bonds. In addition, the firm has been involved with deals both inside and outside the state of Arizona.

Address: : 2980 N SWAN RD #222 Tucson, Arizona 85712

Office : (520)600.2082


Michael A. Slania, Esq.



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