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The project is part of the City Council-approved West Fry Boulevard/North Garden Avenue Improvement Project, which moves forward the redevelopment vision for a town center--a top desire of local residents that was expressed during "Dream Your City," becoming the foundation for part of the Vista 2030: General Plan.


Major improvements to Sierra Vista's City facilities are slated for the coming months, thanks to an energy efficiency initiative that will move key City priorities forward.

Via a partnership with Schneider Electric, the projects will be paid for over the next 10 years, enabling the City to apply the energy savings generated toward the cost of the projects. Of the $14 million in projects, many will generate guaranteed energy savings that will cut the City's annual operating costs by hundreds of thousands of dollars. While some projects take care of maintenance that was deferred during the economic recession, many will make lasting improvements to City recreational facilities designed to build upon efforts to bring new tournaments, visitors, and dollars to Sierra Vista.


Cochise County high school seniors who enroll at Cochise College the fall semester after they graduate qualify to receive a $500 scholarship. The Cochise College Senior Scholarship is renewable and CAN be combined with financial aid and other scholarships.

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